OnTime - check in on your phone

Benefits for everyone

Employees, contractors and supervisors – all benefit from the simple app. Replace your timesheet reporting with this simple app – add location and connect it to End Client.

Report your arrival and departure – and all breaks in between from your phone and let olivs.app build your timesheet.

You can use it on multiple sites and switch between multiple employers, or manage your own file and give supervisors limited access.

Use our web platform to view who’s checked-in and run reports.

Keep your information secure

Use your phone to check in and get your reports when you log in to our portal. Access is controlled by Admins.

This app is only sharing your location when you click one of the check-in buttons. It does not track you, even if you leave it open.

App encrypts your information and you can review it later.

Runs on iPhone

Search ‘Olivs OnTime’ in App Store.

Runs on Android

Search ‘Olivs OnTime’ in Play Store.

See installation guide

See rollout guide – how to quickly register and bring your team on board