Time + Attendance

Automate rosters and timesheets

Run your rosters and timesheets. Verify your team’s attendance through apps and automate acceptance where the data matches expectations. Combine data and features from three sources to make your Time + Attendance processing a breeze:

  • Olivs web system to manage rostering and verify attendance, check employee availability, reassign shifts for sick leave, and produce extensive reports
  • OnTime app for employees / contractors to check in. App is installed on their phone (iPhone & Android) and location is collected as evidence, and
  • OnGate app – Android tablet app that turns the tablet into a signing sheet. Employees use their PIN and their photo is taken for evidence. Each tablet is assigned to one location only.

See planners and reports, integrate rosters with budgets to have a complete picture of your workflow ahead.

Keep your information secure

Use your phone to check in and get your reports when you log in to our portal. Access is controlled by Admins.

This app is only sharing your location when you click one of the check-in buttons. It does not track you, even if you leave it open.

App encrypts your information and you can review it later.