Record your attendance

Report your attendance to employer in real-time. Be part of the automated and faster processing of your timesheet.

Easy setup process means that you can start using this app almost immediately. All you need is your login info from your employer. Find out: how to setup the app on your phone

How does it work?

Your time and location are sent to the Employer when you click one of the four Event Buttons: Check in, Start break, End break or Check out.

Your Employer will use that information in processing your time sheets. If your location is within the perimeter set up by Employer, you will see its name on your screen.

The event will be registered even if you don’t have internet connection – you will need to send the data later Find out: how to sync the data?

Does the app track me?

No. The app only communicates with your Employer when you register, click one of the four Event Buttons, or you click the Sync button to send your data from when you were not online.

Your Employer doesn’t control the app. They can only suspend your account so you cannot send them your Event records.

What information is actually sent to my Employer?

  • Your user ID as generated within
  • Your GPS location
  • Date & time of the event
  • Event – based on the button you pressed
  • Name of the phone (e.g. Samsung SM-G950F, not your nickname of the phone)
  • Software version (e.g. Android 9)
  • Whether the event was reported directly or during the synchronization (in case of no internet)


All this information is immediately made available to your Employer.

How do I use it?

You only need to register once. Once it’s done, opening the app will take you straight away to main screen.

Simply click on the button that relates to your Event. Buttons will freeze for 3 seconds so you don’t do it twice.

You will get a message below the buttons with the result.

If you are not connected to the internet, you will need to synchronize your event later.

easy to roll-out